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Primary scoop

Our Grade 4 students had joined every challenge in school. They are eager and cheerful in every activity. They had the Love Nature, Traditional song presentation, guess the image challenge. Congratulations to Caitlyn, Tirtha, and Liam on winning the Hooray challenges.

Grade 2 Primary Scoop

It’s been almost 2 years since our students experienced online learning. But it doesn’t stop them from giving their best in every activity that the school prepared for them. Congratulations to Kenzie, Balindra, and Ivara on winning the Hooray Challenges.

Little Explorer Buzz for Toddlers

Wow! It’s good to see that our Toddlers are participating in this kind of challenge. They learned some shapes and colors throughout the challenge. They sang with their parents and were able to identify their body parts well done! Congratulations to Harsha and Mikhayla for winning the Hooray challenge this August 2021!

It’s back to school!!

It’s back to the school. Our students are preparing for the Chinese New Year presentation. Each class has been preparing and giving its best. They’re also missed different activities in school during the holidays. It’s good to see that they are having fun while learning in school

Bali Bird Park 2019

Our kindergarten students were amazed at the different birds that they saw. It is the first time that they’ve experienced riding the bus to reach our destination independently. They meet different kinds of birds like flamingoes, pelicans, eagles, peacocks, and a lot more. They also experience a 4D film, it was nice to witness their

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