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Grade 3 Primary Scoop

Here are our grade 3 student’s activities during the first month of school. They did different kinds of challenges like The drawing challenge, Ular naga, The guessing game with mom or dad, and the treasure hunt. Congratulations to Aisha, Suhita, and Devdan for giving their best to win these challenges.

Little explorer buzz

Little explorer buzz

Meet our little explorers in “Playgroup class” This Academic Year 2021-2022 our students are enthusiastic to participate in online activities with their parents. They joined the “Hooray Challenges Online” based on the different subjects that they learned. Congratulations to Vika, Gauri, and Arvin on winning the Hooray Challenges on this theme!

Chinese New Year 2020

It’s the Chinese New Year 2020 celebration! Our students have been waiting for this event. They worked hard for this moment to show everybody their amazing skills in singing and dancing. We also had a charity event and celebrate the Chinese New Year 2020 with Yayasan Kanker.

Bali Bird Park 2019

Our kindergarten students were amazed at the different birds that they saw. It is the first time that they’ve experienced riding the bus to reach our destination independently. They meet different kinds of birds like flamingoes, pelicans, eagles, peacocks, and a lot more. They also experience a 4D film, it was nice to witness their

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