Welcome to Pre-School

Hooray Preschool caters to students from 1-6 years old. Our integrated, thematic approach to learning ensures the students are engaging all of their senses, and having fun while learning. Our facilities, curriculum and staff are all focused towards developing specific goals for each age group. As students move through the grades at Hooray Preschool, they develop their motoric, cognitive and social skills while increasing their passion for learning.


School Curriculum

We educate the student holistically using the following approaches

  • Students are taught to think and plan. The things they learn are used in a real life, practical way to complete their thematic outcomes
  • Students are taught that success is not as important as understanding where their strengths and weaknesses lie, and how to improve them.
  • The project based learning approach we use encourages teamwork, communication and perseverance among other traits
  • Our student characteristic program identifies 10 desirable characteristics the students should work toward. These characteristics are defined for the students and goals are set for them to achieve their student characteristic award badges.
  • The Hooray School facility and variety of classes is second to none. Learning takes place in our garden, farm, swimming pool, well-equipped class rooms and all around the school.
  • Through classes such as yoga, dance, ninja warrior, swimming, basketball and structured play, we ensure the children develop physically and learn that being active is fun
  • We educate the students about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and reward students who fulfill a number of criteria with their ‘Healthy Students Characteristic’ badge.

Class Grade

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is for *1-3 year old


In Toddlers, learning is conducted in the class, library, garden, playground, and swimming pool. Through structured play, creative arts, storytelling, rhyme, and more, we build the student’s ability to understand concepts and acquire academic skills. We help the students to grow in independence, learn to obey school rules, and build their problem-solving skills.

  • The students in Toddlers also learn to develop their social emotional capacity by working together and analyzing community dynamics within the class.
  • Our monthly thematic outcomes provide a platform for students to display their learning achievements and give a practical focus to learning activities.
  • Toddlers is all about creating confident, competent, capable learners who love to explore the world around them.


is for *3-4 year old

The mission of Play Group is to ensure every student gets the chance to learn and be inquisitive in their own way. We encourage the students to be naturally curious, ask questions, and explore to find answers. Our goal is to build the student’s self-confidence, self-esteem, and independence.

  • We create learning that stimulates the student’s natural creativity and encourage a passion for learning and discovering. During playgroup, students will begin to focus more on their social groups than themselves.
  • We equip them with an understanding of appropriate manners and behavior so they can respect others and get the most from the communal learning and interaction that takes place.
  • The student’s academic learning begins to become more refined as they master gross motor and fine motor skills as well as language and numeracy concepts.


is for *4-6 year old


Kindergarten A

This is the age when the students are generally becoming comfortable and gaining confidence in their independence. We continue to support that independence by developing the students’ ability to communicate effectively with peers and adults.

  • We also motivate them to develop feelings of empathy as they continue to change their focus from their individual needs and desires to prioritizing others.
  • The KGA students play and learn independently and in groups, and gain an enhanced understanding of the consequences of their attitudes and actions.
  • Learning experiences are designed to be fun and challenging, requiring problem solving skills and utilizing both logical and lateral thinking.In KGA, we focus on enhancing the students language skills so they are able to understand and express more complex concepts.
  • We use stories, role playing and song to instill a love of the written word. Along with our interactive phonics program, this leads to a natural desire to write and read.
  • KGA encompasses all the aspects of fun learning with the academic discipline the students need to begin their journey to elementary school.
  • We see all the students as individuals and adjust our approach to ensure learning is not a chore but a challenge that excites and invigorates the children.

Kindergarten B

KGB consists of many different activities carried out both individually and in groups. At this age, students can work independently for short periods and flourish when working in groups.

  • We continue to develop the student’s creative and social emotional character through various activities in and out of the classroom.
  • KGB students build on basic theoretical concepts in numeracy, literacy, culture knowledge, science, and other subjects, by applying the concepts in practical and fun ways.
  • Student learning is enhanced with projects, outings and experiments and every theme has an outcome designed to consolidate and display learning.
  • By the time students have experienced KGB at Hooray Kids they are not only ready for the next stage of learning, they are excited about it.

Hooray Elementary school has been chosen by the Indonesian government as a ‘Sekolah Percontohan’, or ‘Prime Example School’, due to our excellence in education and approach to learning. Find out more about elementary school on side button.