Welcome to Elementary School

Hooray Elementary school has been chosen by the Indonesian government as a ‘Sekolah Percontohan’, or ‘Prime Example School’, due to our excellence in education and approach to learning.

There are several factors that make Hooray School such a great example to other schools:

Prime Example School


There are several factors
that make Hooray Schools
such a great example to other schools

We combine the Indonesian Government’s required learning with international curriculum learning objectives

We use an integrated, project-based learning strategy that ensures all the learning the students do is relevant and put to practical use.

We have structured programs to grow the students Cognitive, Social/Emotional and Kinesthetic ability, as well as their Financial Intelligence. Please contact us to find out more about these programs, they are not just fancy tag lines, we are serious about developing every aspect of the students’ lives.

Students are taught that everybody has different gift and talents, as well as strengths and weakness. We help them to understand that being successful means developing to reach their true potential.

We help the students to understand how they learn best and take responsibility for the learning process. We are not teaching our students what to learn but how to learn.

Most importantly they must retain their natural curiosity and passion for life and learning.

We are successful when our students are passionate, confident and competent learners. Our desire is to develop students who can dream things that have never been and make them so.


Elementary Activities

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